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Computer Awareness (Mixed Topics) Questions (Set #4, Page #1)

This section contains Multiple Choice Questions on Computer Awareness (Mixed Topics) for Bank Exams; these questions are based on Computer Network, Internet, Email, Computer Fundamental etc.

List of Computer Awareness (Mixed Topics) Questions

1) Where cookies are stored?
  1. On client computer
  2. On the server computer
  3. On website database
  4. None of these

2) What are the names of those programs, that run your website get data from the website and store in search engine database?
  1. Java script written by the webmaster
  2. Antivirus Software
  3. Device Driver
  4. WebCrawler

3) The concept of internet was originally developed as __________ project.
  1. NASA
  2. CISCO
  4. None of these

4) Which is not a correct format of an email address?
  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]

5) Which protocol is used on the internet to transfer file(s)?
  1. FTP
  2. HTTP
  3. HTTPS
  4. TCP/IP

6) Which is not a search engine?
  1. Google
  2. DuckDuckGo
  3. Bing
  4. StackOverflow

7) Error finding and correction in the program is known as?
  1. Bug Finding
  2. Debugging
  3. Hacking
  4. Correcting

8) Extended ASCII (American Code for Information Interchange) uses __________ coding.
  1. 7 bits
  2. 8 bits
  3. 16 bits
  4. 24 bits

9) What is used to find an item in a file immediately?
  1. Directory Access
  2. Root file system
  3. File Allocation Table
  4. File Allocation Process

10) In the URL http://www.includehelp.com what is http?
  1. Hosting Server Name
  2. A Protocol for hypermedia information systems
  3. Domain Name
  4. None of these

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