Computer Science Quiz - Online Computer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

This section contains computer science multiple choice questions and answers on computer science topics like fundamental of computers, computer hardware input and output devices, programming languages, network, internet, emails etc.
These questions are specially designed for students, working professionals and job seekers. This quiz will be helpful too for those guys who are preparing for banking sectors.

Online Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - Computer Science Quiz

1) Who was the father of computer?
  1. Charlie Babbage
  2. Dennis Ritchie
  3. Charles Babbage
  4. Ken Thompson

5) What is the full form of MU?
  1. Management Unit
  2. Masked Unit
  3. Main Unit
  4. Memory Unit

8) Which electronics component is used in first generation computers?
  1. Transistors
  2. ULSI Chips
  3. Vacuum Tubes
  4. LSI Chips

9) Which is not a correct type of a computer?
  1. Mini Frame Computer
  2. Super Computer
  3. Workstations
  4. Personal Computer

10) Which part of the computer is considered as Brain of the Computer?
  1. Random Access Memory
  2. Central Process Unit
  3. Read Only Memory
  4. Hard Disk

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