Continuous Probability Distribution includes ___

5. Continuous Probability Distribution includes ___.

  1. Normal distribution
  2. Uniform distribution
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of the mentioned above

Answer: C) Both A and B


The Normal distribution and the Uniform distribution are both examples of Continuous Probability Distribution. When it comes to probability distributions, a continuous probability distribution is one in which the random variable X can have any value (is continuous). Because there are an infinite number of possible values for X to take on, the probability of X taking on any specific value is equal to zero.

  • Normal distribution- A normal distribution is defined as one in which the parameters (also known as the mean) and s2 (also known as the variance) have a range of -8 to +8. The following are the characteristics of its continuous probability distribution:
    f(x;µ, s)= (1/ s p) exp(-0.5 (x-µ)2/ s2).
  • Uniform distribution - When it comes to distribution functions, uniform distribution is one in which every possible result is equally likely to occur; that is, the probability of each occurrence is the same.

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