In MongoDB, Sharding is the process of ___ across multiple machines

38. In MongoDB, Sharding is the process of ___ across multiple machines.

  1. Drop data records
  2. Storing data records
  3. Truncate data records
  4. All of the mentioned above

Answer: B) Storing data records


In MongoDB, sharding is the process of storing data records across multiple machines in a distributed fashion. Data storage is accomplished through the use of shards. They ensure high availability and consistency of data in a distributed environment. In a production environment, each shard corresponds to a separate replica set of the database. Sharding is the method by which MongoDB achieves horizontal scaling. Large databases are divided into smaller, more manageable chunks by using a partitioning technique. A carefully chosen key (shard key) is used to accomplish this separation, and then the partitions are distributed across multiple servers, typically based on ranges of the shard key values.

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