MongoDB was first developed by ___ Software in 2007

22. MongoDB was first developed by ___ Software in 2007.

  1. 9gen
  2. 10gen
  3. 12gen
  4. All of the mentioned above

Answer: B) 10gen


In 2007 10gen Software created MongoDB as part of their proposal for platform as a service. In 2009, the company shifted to an open-source development approach, with commercial support and additional services made available as an option. In 2013, the name MongoDB Inc. was adopted to replace 10gen as the company's official name. It became a publicly traded company on October 20, 2017, when it went public on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol MDB at a price of $24 per share in its initial public offering (IPO). This partnership with Alibaba Cloud, which was announced on October 30, 2019, will allow it to provide clients with a MongoDB-as-a-Service solution. Managed services provided by BABA can be accessed from any of the company's data centres located throughout the world.

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