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Capitalize words in a string in JavaScript

Capitalize string in JavaScript: Here, we are going to learn how to capitalize words in a given string in JavaScript?
Submitted by Shivang Yadav, on July 30, 2019

String in JavaScript is a sequence of characters. And capitalizing characters of words in a JavaScript string will change each character of the string with the capital letter of it.

Capitalize words in a string in JavaScript

To convert words to uppercase we have the following method defined by slicing each character and then converting it to uppercase.

Components are defined as:

Method used to capitalize words in a string


The slice method will return the specified element of the object and returns it to another object.

For slice(3) for the array [3,5,6,8,9] will give 8.


The method will return the uppercase changed the value of the character. For example: for 'f' input, the output is 'F'.


Rreturns the charter at the given index.

Program to capitalize each character of the sting using JavaScript

< script >
	function capitalizeEachWord(str) {
		var cstr = '';
		str.split('').forEach(function(char) {
			cstr = cstr + char.toUpperCase();
		return cstr;
	console.log("Hello, world!")
	var x = "learning JavaScript at include help"
	var y = capitalizeEachWord(x);
	console.log('x = ' + x);
	console.log('y = ' + y); 


Hello, world!
learning JavaScript at include help

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