Era of One Party Dominance – Class 12 Political Science MCQs

A dominant-party system, or one-party dominant system, is a political occurrence in which a single political party continuously dominates election results over running opposition groups or parties.

This section contains the multiple-choice questions and answers on Class 12 Political Science - Era of One Party Dominance. Practice these MCQs to learn and test the skills of Era of One Party Dominance.

MCQs on Era of One Party Dominance

1. When was the Election Commission of India set up?

  1. January 1949
  2. January 1950
  3. January 1951
  4. January 1952

Answer: B) January 1950


The election commission of India was set up in January 1950.

2. Jana Sangh was against Article ______, but the Congress Party favored it?

  1. Article 368
  2. Article 369
  3. Article 370
  4. Article 371

Answer: C) Article 370


Jana Sangh was against Article 370, but the congress party favored it.

3. Jana Sangh emphasized the idea of …?

  1. One county
  2. One culture
  3. One nation
  4. All of the above

Answer: D) All of the above


Jana Sangh emphasized the idea of all the above.

4. Who was the architect of the Second Five Year Plan?

  1. P.C Mahalanobis
  2. J.L Nehru
  3. KN Raj
  4. None of the above

Answer: A) P.C Mahalanobis


Mahalanobis known as India's 'Plan Man', was the architect of the Second Five-Year Plan.

5. In which year the first general election was held in India?

  1. 1949
  2. 1951
  3. 1952
  4. Both B and C

Answer: D) Both B and C


General elections were held in India between 25 October 1951 and 21 February 1952.

6. Which Political Party laid emphasis on the idea of one country, one culture, and one nation?

  1. Communist Party of India
  2. Indian National Congress
  3. Bhartiya Jana Sangh
  4. Bahujan Samaj Party

Answer: C) Bhartiya Jana Sangh


Bharatiya Jana Sangh laid emphasis on the idea of one country, one culture, and one nation.

7. Who was the founder of the Bhartiya Jana Sangh?

  1. Durga Charan Banerjee
  2. Uma Shankar Trivedi
  3. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
  4. None of the above

Answer: C) Shyama Prasad Mukherjee


Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was the founder of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh.

8. In which year did the Election Commission start using EVM?

  1. 1981
  2. 1982
  3. 1988
  4. 1989

Answer: B) 1982


First-time use of EVMs occurred in the general election in Kerala in May 1982; however, the absence of a specific law prescribing its use led to the Supreme Court striking down that election.

9. In 1957, which party formed the government in Kerala?

  1. Jana Sangh
  2. Communist Party of India
  3. Congress
  4. Socialist Party

Answer: B) Communist Party of India


The Kerala Legislative Assembly election of 1957 was the first assembly election in the Indian state of Kerala. The Communist Party of India won the election with 60 seats. The election led to the formation of the first democratically elected communist government in India.

10. When was the Congress Socialist Party founded in India?

  1. 1934
  2. 1949
  3. 1050
  4. 1951

Answer: A) 1934


The congress socialist party was founded in 1934 in India.

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