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JavaScript Array Object Methods

In JavaScript, the Array object is used to work with the array. An array is used to store multiple values in a single variable, an array is a zero-based index i.e., the array's index starts with 0 and the last index is the length-1 (where length is the total number of elements). The Array object has various properties and methods that help to work with the array operations.

JavaScript Array Object Methods: This section contains various Array object properties and methods with examples.

List of JavaScript Array Object Properties & Methods

Property/Method Description
length It gets and sets the length of an array in JavaScript.
constructor It returns the details of the array's constructor function; it returns the reference to the function.
isArray() It checks whether a given object is an array or not. It returns true if an object is an array; else it returns false.
push() It adds/inserts an element at the end of an array, it returns nothing but changes the length of the array.
pop() It removes an element from the end of an array, it changes the length of the array.
shift() It removes the first element of an array and returns the deleted element.
unshift() It adds/inserts one or more elements at the beginning of an array. And it returns a new length of the array.
reverse() It reverses the order of the elements in an array, it changes the actual array and also returns an array with reversed elements.
fill() It fills the array with a given value.
concat() It joins two or more arrays. It returns an array with elements of this array and elements of arrays which are passed as the parameters.
copyWithin() It copies the specified elements from an array and replace from specified index within the same array. It changes this array (actual array).
entries() It creates an iterator object of an array to access the keys (index) and values.
every() It checks a condition on all array elements (or specified elements) and returns true if all elements match the condition and return false if any element does not match the condition.
some() It checks a condition on all array elements (or specified elements) and returns true if any of the array elements matches the condition and returns false if all array elements do not match the condition.
filter() It returns an array with the values which pass the given test (condition).
find() It returns the first element from an array which passes the given test (condition).
join() It joins array's elements into a string. It is called with an array and returns a string with the array elements.
toString() It converts an array to the string. It is called with the array name and returns the string containing array elements with comma separated.
join() Vs. toString() Learn the differences between join() and toString() methods.

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