JavaScript | Convert decimal to hexadecimal and vice versa

JavaScript | Convert decimal to hexadecimal and hexadecimal to decimal: Here, we are going to learn by example how to convert decimal value to the hexadecimal value and vice versa in JavaScript?
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Sometimes we need to convert an integer value which is in decimal format to the hexadecimal string in JavaScript or need a decimal value from a given hexadecimal string.

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In such cases, we can convert a decimal value to the hexadecimal string by using the number.toString(16) and hexadecimal string to the decimal by using hex_string.parseInt(16).

In both cases, 16 is the base to the number system that says that target or source value format is hexadecimal.


<title>JavaScipt Example</title>

		var a = 10;
		var b = 12345;
		document.write("a = " + a.toString(16) + "<br>");
		document.write("b = " + b.toString(16) + "<br>");
		//conver hexadecimal string to the int again
		var hex = "0A"; //hex of 10
		var dec = parseInt(hex,16);
		document.write("dec = " + dec + "<br>");


a = a
b = 3039
dec = 10

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