JavaScript Built-in Functions

JavaScript has various built-in properties & functions that can be used with all objects. This section contains JavaScript commonly used built-in properties & functions.

List of JavaScript Built-in Properties & Functions

Property/Function Description
cursor It changes the style of the cursor pointer displayed on the screen.
Infinity It returns a numeric value representing positive/negative infinity.
undefined It checks whether a variable is assigned a value or not.
NaN It represents Not-A-Number.
location.protocol It returns the protocol of the current URL.
escape() It returns the encoded string.
unescape() It returns the decoded string encoded by the escape() function.
encodeURI() and decodeURI() Encodes and decodes URI.
encodeURIComponent() and decodeURIComponent() Encode and decodes URI components.
parseInt() It parses a string and returns an integer value.
isNaN() It checks whether a value is NaN or not.
Number() It converts an object's value to a number.
String() It converts an object's value to a string.
eval() It evaluates/executes an expression.

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