JavaScript: How to append something to an array?

Learn how to append something to an array in JavaScript?
Submitted by Pratishtha Saxena, on April 30, 2022

In JavaScript there are various ways to append something to an array or to append two arrays.

  1. Using push() method
  2. Using spread operator
    var array_3 = [...array_1,...array_2] 
  3. Using concat() method
    var array_3 =array_1.concat(array_2)

There can be many more ways to do so but these are some most common and easy ways to append something to an array. Let's see how.

Example 1:

var array = ['Dog', 'Cat', '526']
array.push('121', 'John') // using push


(5) ['Dog', 'Cat', '526', '121', 'John']

Example 2:

var array_1 = ["Birds", "Fishes"]
var array_2 = ["Animals", "Dinosaurs"]

// using spread operator
var array_3 = [...array_1, ...array_2]



(4) ['Birds', 'Fishes', 'Animals', 'Dinosaurs']

Example 3:

var states = ["MP", "UP", "Gujrat", "Rajasthan"]
var unionTerritory = ["Puducherry", "Chandigarh", "Andaman & Nicobar Island", "Lakshadweep"]

// using concat
var India = states.concat(unionTerritory)



(8) ['MP', 'UP', 'Gujrat', 'Rajasthan', 'Puducherry', 'Chandigarh', 'Andaman & Nicobar Island', 'Lakshadweep']

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