Get current Date in Date / Month / Year format in JavaScript

JavaScript getting the current Date in DD/MM/YY format: Here, we are going to learn how to get the current date in JavaScript in Date / Month / Year format?
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Getting current date in JavaScript

To get the current date in JavaScript, we need to use three library functions of Date class,

  1. Date getDate() Method – It returns current date (day of the month)
  2. Date getMonth() Method – It returns current month of the year
  3. Date getFullYear() Method – It returns current year in 4 digits format

Note: To call these functions, we need to create an object to the Date class using Date class constructor.


    Date class constructor:
    var dt = new Date();

    Function calls:

JavaScript code to get the current date in Date / Month / Year format

<head><title>JavaScipt Example</title></head>

	var dt = new Date(); //Date constructor 
	var dd = dt.getDate();
	var mm = dt.getMonth()+1;
	var yy = dt.getFullYear();
	//printing date
	document.write("Current date is= " + dd + "/" + mm + "/" + yy + "<br>");


Current date is= 4/3/2019

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